The history of the site's design:

peter-b.co.uk v2.2 - Accessible Earthview

20th February 2004 - current version.

Accessible Earthview

peter-b.co.uk v2.1 - Earthview

27th May 2003 to 20th February 2004.

Earthview screenshot

peter-b.co.uk v2.0 - NEWTS Blue

24th May 2003 to 27th May 2003. First version using NEWTS.

NEWTS Blue screenshot

peter-b.co.uk v1.1 - Hacker Blue

9th March 2003 to 24th May 2003

Hacker Blue screenshot

peter-b.co.uk v1 - Austerity

12th February 2002 to 9th March 2003

Austerity screenshot

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