All the software I distribute is available from my downloads directory.


gEDA is the GNU Electronic Design Automation suite, of which I am a user and developer. For more information on gEDA, please see my gEDA page.

Quake II compile tools (buildutils)

Note: I am no longer actively maintaining these tools. If you are interested in taking over as maintainer, please get in touch with the QuArK team (see below).

I have a distribution of the Quake II map compilation tools that are based on Geoffrey DeWan's enhanced version. Notable features:

  • QuArK 'enhanced texture positioning' MAP format support, including new fix for origin brush displacement
  • Completely rewritten PAK loader
  • GNU Autotools configuration scripts
  • Improved portability

Some notes I've made while working on the tools (note that they may not be complete or accurate):


For a while I was the release manager for the Quake Army Knife (QuArK), an editor for FPS games with a Quake-type engine. I originally got involved through editing levels for Half-Life, but I have yet to make any levels that are worthwhile. For more information on QuArK, and to get hold of it, please visit the official site.

EVE Market Toolkit

I used to play EVE Online quite a bit, and I wrote a little PHP/MySQL application for logging and analyzing market prices.

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